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Fixed Income for Retirement
Mary Sue Schusky

Mary Sue Schusky is a devoted friend of McKendree and her personal connection to the University spans almost four decades. Her professional career as a teacher and librarian provided her the opportunity to spend many hours in the library and that is what connected her to McKendree and Holman Library.

However, her family history goes back to more than 100 years ago when her grandfather, Charles Dorris, and her grandmother, Susie May Peach Dorris, attended McKendree. Charles received his bachelor's degree in 1892 and Susie completed her degree in 1893. Charles went on to a lengthy career in secondary education serving as superintendent of the Collinsville school district for 34 years.

The family connection does not end there, but continues and even strengthens the McKendree relationship with her father, Irving Dilliard. Mr. Dilliard graduated in 1927 from the University of Illinois, but he always held small, private liberal arts schools in high esteem. His career provided him a wide array of positions in the newspaper industry. He joined the St. Louis Post-Dispatch as a reporter, and he moved up the ranks to editorial writer and ultimately the editorial page editor. Mr. Dilliard was a strong voice in support of the Bill of Rights and a defender against social injustices. His expertise in the U.S. Supreme Court was legendary and his personal library contained one of the finest collections of books on the Court in the country. He retired in 1960, but then went on to a 10-year career as a professor at Princeton University. During this time, he lectured at universities throughout the United States and in Europe, including teaching one-month courses at McKendree. He wrote numerous books, published a wide array of articles, and served as a trustee for the Illinois State Historical Society, the Illinois Library Association, and the Collinsville Memorial Library where he served for 52 years. He had a great love for libraries and that's what connected him to McKendree. In May of 2001, Irving Dilliard received an honorary doctorate from McKendree.

Development officer emerita, Jane Weingartner, was a friend to the Dilliard family and she presented Mr. Dilliard the opportunity to assist Holman Library. He humbly agreed to a campaign gift to help with this library improvement project. Not only did he contribute an outright gift, but he also blended his gift to include McKendree in his estate plans in order to further the endeavors of the library.

Following the passing of Mr. Dilliard, his daughter Mary Sue Schusky, wanted to preserve her father's collection of books, including many on Abraham Lincoln, newspaper history, his assortment of books on the Supreme Court, and other autographed books related to journalism. This gift was quite a collection, and it now resides in the lower level of Holman Library.

Mrs. Schusky is a devoted library supporter and as her father did before her, she carried forward her campaign support of the renovation of Holman Library with outright gifts herself. One of the areas benefitting from the philanthropy of the Dilliard and Schusky families is the recently dedicated Dilliard Dorris Learning and Conference Center. This beautiful, expansive, and technology-rich space which is located in the southwest corner on the second floor in Holman Library features a 169-inch television, a podium with outlets for power and plenty of USB outlets, making it a useful, intuitive, and modern space that students, faculty, and staff alike can employ throughout the academic year. Because of these gifts, the campus community now has a space in which to hold in-person and virtual conferences, teach classes in an updated setting, and assist McKendree students to learn and grow.

Mary Sue stated, "My family and I are so pleased with the recent additions and enhancements to the second floor of Holman Library. The Dilliard Dorris Family Learning and Conference Center is truly a wonderful tribute to my McKendree alumni grandparents and my father. I know they all would be proud of their investment in the current and future students of the University."